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Caring Ambassadress
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Just purchase 2 bottles of Wrinkle Remover Essence (KS-O) with RM350 you will become Carelove permanent VIP consumer with your name listed on CareLove Honour Roll.You can also introduce relatives,friends and associates to join our Carelove family.By doing so,you are not only introducing them to an opportunity to start their own business but also to contribute towards charitable and welfare causes, thereby helping to create a caring and harmonious society.

consumers’ rewards: You only have to purchase product worth of RM350 in order to enjoy your reward in that qualified month










3 star consumer:By introducing 3 consumers you can share 30%of  company total sale with all the qualified 3 star consumer but you must ensure a total sale of 1200pv=6 persons within 3 levels in your group in the qualifed month.  you are entitled to purchase additional 4 bottles KS-O at special price RM400 with 100PV.         

1 star consumer:By introducing 1 consumer you can enjoy 3 levels commision within your group.(10%+20%+20%) you are entitled to purchase additional 2 bottles KS-O at special price RM200 with 50PV.




6 star consumer:By introducing 6 consumers you can share 20% of Company total sale with all the qualified 6 star consumers but you must ensure a total sale of 2400pv=12 persons within 3 levels in your group in the qualified month.  you are entitled to purchase additional 6 bottles KS-O at special price RM600 with 150PV.








YOU will be specially selected by ALL VIP consumers of the company nationwide at 

the end of each year. This award is based on your overall performance inclusive of 

your personal leadership, caring & loving attitude, and other positive characters.  The 

30 selected outstanding leaders will plan,organize and carry out charitable programs 

with their team members to visit the old folk & orphanage homes, the disabled and 

disadvantaged groups, and others.



to promote: moral education;  a harmonious society; vegetarianism, green life &

also to carry out charity events for the benefits of all races. 


good for physical & spiritual health; save the mother earth & its resources; 

promoting loving kindness towards animals.





        to have your product to be delivered  to you free ( within one week )

               kindly download & complete the application form from our

                                        website : 

    Thereafter,fax it together with your bank in slip to : fax no:03-92007175

                            or email to:


Bank a/c details: 


                      CIMB BANK, a/c name: CARELOVE ENTERIPRISE S/B。 a/c: 8000757868